VETcert exam - Consulting level


The consulting level of the VETcert exam is a one-day exam. It consists of a written exam with multiple choice and open questions, an outdoor part with exercises and oral questioning and the writing of a veteran tree management report.

The written part is worth approximately 36% of the overall marks, the outdoor session is worth 18% and the veteran tree management report is worth the remaining 46% of the overall marks.

During the outdoor part the candidate is examined by two examiners, asking both generic questions on veteran tree management and questions relating to specific veteran trees. The candidate is also allowed sufficient time to survey 2 veteran trees in order to prepare for writing a report.

Based on his/her survey, the candidate is to produce a veteran tree management report on 2 trees. This can be done on a computer, but without access to internet or other technology. A given template is to be followed. For your information, the template can be downloaded below.



The whole exam will be aimed at testing the candidate's skills and knowledge against the VETcert standards. In order to elaborate on how the VETcert standards should be interpreted and to explain what level of understanding or skill is deemed necessary to meet the VETcert standards, an indicative content document has been produced.

This document is not exhaustive in any way, so it cannot be seen as a complete study book for passing the VETcert certification.

Also, this is a living document that will be regularly adapted and updated.